Koi Ponds Cape Town – Design & Construction

Koi ponds are beautiful to look at while providing a comfortable environment for fish. The level of relaxation you’ll get from watching fish swim from one point to the next in your Koi pond will make the investment more than worth it. You can enjoy this magnificent view with your family, friends or even alone. When the fish have grown up and are used to the new environment, you will be surprised at how much pleasure these animals will offer. Koi ponds will also enhance your property’s value, both aesthetically and financially. We provide affordable Koi Pond Cape Town for all kinds of gardens and property.


There are different types of koi Ponds with the most popular being sunken and raised ponds. The type of finishing for your pond is important and we can help you decide on a range of features, such as bridges, natural rock finishes or even a simplistic stone finishing among many other styles. Expertly built Koi Ponds in Cape Town are a great addition to any garden since they will serve to increase the overall value of your property and our landscape gardeners in Cape Town have the design and construction skills to give you the pond you desire.

Over the years, we have gained lots of experience in dealing with Koi ponds designs, renovations and construction of different sizes. We believe building or maintaining a pool in your garden should not cost the earth. Our experts handle every situation with care and give attention to detail and will try to give you your dream pond at an affordable price. We also offer advice on the kind of materials to implement in order to get the look your property deserves.

When faced with the need for building a koi pond, leave all the hard work to us. With our experts, every aspect of the task – from the design to implementation – will be taken care of. Our services are available in commercial and residential, private and public gardens. No matter the size or type of pond you need, call us and we will happily discuss with you your plans. Install your own Koi pond today and enjoy all the pleasures that these magnificent ponds have to offer. We also install and maintain pumps and filters at an affordable cost. Call Monday-Sunday on 021 300 3603 and get expert advice right away!