Affordable Kensington Landscaping & Garden Design

As a garden design Kensington company that has been in operation for a very long time, we understand that clients have different needs and expectations and that is why we listen to their ideas before embarking on the designing process. We always aim to deliver exactly what the client want, no matter the type or size of the property. Expect us to create a wonderful environment that reflects your desires be it for public or private gardens, commercial or residential. Our work is exceptional every time and our rates are highly competitive.

Landscaping Kensington

We offer our clients a landscaping package that incorporates all the fundamental aspects including initial consultation, proposals and construction at affordable rates. Our clients are dear to us and whenever we design their garden spaces, we do it in the best way possible so that it not only provides relaxation and enjoyment, but also matches all your wants and needs. We are experts in this field and we are capable of shaping your garden according to your specific needs and budget. Whether it is a big or small space, expect us to provide quality services at a budget.

We have all the landscaping in Kensington solutions that you need, whether it is on a private or corporate space. Having been in the planning and installation of government and commercial projects for a very long time, we understand what it takes to create a beautiful landscape. You can also rely on us for weeding and pruning services. Get in touch with us on 021 300 3603.