Professional Cape Town Fountains – Design & Installation

Water features have become an integral part of every landscaping project, whether in a public or private garden. When it comes to installing water features in Cape Town gardens, we have plenty of options that include local customized designs to imported designs.

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The installation of water features can help create a relaxing atmosphere for your home or commercial property. Additions such as scenic Koi ponds or small waterfalls are among many types of water features that we offer. The sound of flowing water provides a relaxing ambience and if you were to integrate specialized lighting, your garden will be a place to enjoy. A good landscaping design should feature garden water features that represent a mixture of beauty and style. This requires a lot of experience and expertise to build.

Water features are the focal point of landscaped gardens. Installing a water fountain in your landscaped garden will definitely add a sense of tranquillity through the movement and features that it offers. No matter the style that you need; whether informal, formal or contemporary, our qualified experts are ready and willing to offer our advice for both public and private estates.

Landscaping is a work of art and our company constitutes of the leading experts in the industry. We offer some the finest water features Cape Town wide and should you need natural water feature designs, be assured that we will offer the same. We have been in the industry for a very long time and we have offered many services including:

  • Garden water fountains
  • Wall water features
  • Rock water features
  • Natural rock cascades
  • Japan designs
  • Rock pools
  • Birdbaths

Our design specialists will carefully listen to your requirements and come up with amazing suggestions that incorporate all of them while keeping to your budget. Whether you need the above mentioned or any other services including lawn irrigation, feel free to get in touch with us on 021 300 3603.

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